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Debbie Almontaser September 28, 2010

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9/11 has been such an impact on the American people that any signs of “terrorist acts” must be destroyed immediately, I think you can speak more freely today about 9/11 on the different views and ideas that took place that day but it still must be carefully worded. Starting an Arabic themed school sets off a red flag and there will be a target organization or person such as Debbie Almontaser. It is surprising that certain words can try to shut down a school without knowing the basis or the curriculum of the school. We see that media plays a huge part in helping a situation that could be discussed and solved in a private matter and turn it into public frenzy! The newspaper should only focus on reporting the facts of the story but being that most newspapers are government influenced you can see where it tends to focus on a particular side of the story, according Debbie Almontaser and the “Intifada NYC” t-shirts the reporter seemed to have totally twisted her words around using only particle quotes making her out to be admitting that she was a terrorist and supported the acts. I believe the reporter should be able to provide her original statements if he was so confident in his report, and to prove her wrong. I always use to think journalist and the news had to have open minds to conduct interviews but over my growing years you can see whoever has the more money or political power gets the better story and easier questions. I do not agree that she should have been force to step down from her position without real evidence that she was involved in the negative t-shirt controversy. She was asked to be in this position of the principal to KGIA by the board which they saw she was more than qualified to run the school, for them to be influenced and scared of the results of The Post’s interview how they can so easily turn their backs on Debbie Almontaser is very disturbing. They know of her character over the years better than one journalist from The Post. I understand having a negative influence running the school will result in a tainted image, and yes that person should be asked to step down if it is damaging but that is with knowledge and facts to support the claim, but if the organization the person is involved in has other side projects that does not directly involve them they should not be asked to step down but be informed they could be suspended if occurrences get out of order. I understand not all situations can be handled easily but they should be handled accordingly and fairly.


Professor Ward Churchill September 12, 2010

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Freedom of speech seems to have a fine borderline when it comes to the United States, not everything being said you may agree with or contend to but it is still a point of view that a person has the right to believe in and not have certain unsaid guidelines to follow or they may be prosecuted for their beliefs.  Without free speech great ideas and solutions can be lost and undermined thoughts of greed and power can stand strong(er).

Our education system is where you can practice these ideas and concepts of freedom of speech as Professor Ward Churchill did at the University of Colorado which he was reprimand for it; 9-11 is a touchy subject in the U.S. with devastations throughout, the way Professor Churchill wanted to view his outlook on the situation that it is not a one sided view where America is the hero at all times which I do agree with alongside his faculty and students who protested to keep him as a Professor there, with his vast knowledge on the history of the U.S. and the relationships we have with the “enemy” how can that be ignored and raise to question of his teachings?  I don’t understand the bubble the U.S. wants us to live in, that we are greatest when we started this country on lies and deceit upon ourselves and now are still currently working so hard to build on the nation for the mistakes we made in the past.  This is where we really need our teachers to create independent thinking but the ACTA seem to be controlling this notion by stopping the “dangerous” professors from freedom of speech.

I do not agree with wars but I do believe you have to defend yourself when needed, I feel that Professor Churchill has the right to view his opinions and it is up to the individual persons to decide if this information is fully correct or not, but not for a special investigation to be proceeded to stop his movement and get him fired from his job for freedom of speech or “academic misconduct”.  9-11 will never be forgotten and a lot of innocent people were involved on both sides we are still learning new information regarding the happenings of that day I believe there was a lot of built up aggression that lead to that day that which we may never find out what it was, but I do believe it should be okay to ask questions and gain a better knowledge of the event especially from your Professor.


Hello world! September 8, 2010

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