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My So Called Life Ep 6 – The Substitute October 15, 2010

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This was one of the best episodes thus far, a substitute teacher comes in to teach Angela’s class and he has an unorthodox way of teaching and of wearing his socks one black one white?  He goes over the a few papers the student wrote for the Liberty Lit newspaper and throws them out the window!  He knows they can do better and wants more for them he even pushes Jordan who normally slips by to not be a slacker he really wants him to learn but he does find out that Jordan can’t read which makes so much sense on why he wanted Brian to tell him the story about Metamorphic.  Even though he was trying to prove a point Angela wanted to know what made him decide to throw them out like that and the sub came back with the best response that he wanted to wake people just like how he just did her.  The word gets around about this sub and everyone is coming from different classes to come and attend his class to check him out.  But the new papers that he made the students do for the Liberty Lit he submits them to Angela parents and they don’t want to print one of them because it is to sexual which I thought RayAnne wrote but it was Sharron that wrote that was a crazy twist but she doesn’t want nobody to know she wrote for good reason and RayAnne of course wants everyone to believe she wrote which was assumed anyways by her classmates and even myself.  Angela’s mom of course finds her way to the Sub’s classroom to ask not to print it but he fights for freedom of speech and ends up converting her into changing her mind about printing it.

They finally get the Liberty Lit back and the principal is not pleased about it and takes them off campus, but the crazy thing is you think he fires the Sub but no he quit on his on and being the fact he owed child-support and had to go back and face it, everyone has their back story.  Angela does go and speaks to the Sub and finds out his not all what she thought he was she appreciate that he opened her way of thinking but not his way of life and dealing with situations.  I loved how she went and made copies of the Liberty Lit that got took away and gave them to the students some things need to be read and I agree that was one of them.  She really stood her ground and had a real belief which you know you can’t stop a determined soul.


My So Called Life Ep 5 – The Zit

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It seems like everyone is moving on with their lives Angela’s ex best friend Sharron is dating a popular guy and looking more like a woman I can see Angela is jealous about it and having self confident issues of her own being she has developed a zit and is bummed about it, who wouldn’t be everyone wants flawless skin to flaunt around.  But it is even worse when a list is spread all over the school about all top hot girls and Sharron was on the list for best breasts which I don’t think that’s a bad list to be on but I guess you don’t want the whole school to be just looking at your breasts so I can see why she did feel a certain way about it.  Being that Sharron doesn’t know who is there for her or just for her body image she breaks it off with her boyfriend I think the insecurities was just to much for her to handle.  He seems like a nice guy though I think she just jump the gun too early in breaking it off with him, which she did find out he was truly a nice guy and voiced why he liked her not just for how she looked it was sweet.

 Angela’s mom is having her own insecurities on her image she is forcing Angela to be in a fashion fundraiser which last year her ex best friend Sharron was in it too but being they are not friends now and Angela is doing her own thing with her new friends I can see that is not her main interests no more.  Little sister Danielle is the one the mother needs to focus more on being in the fashion show with her, you can tell she is trying to find her footing in her family and with her mother.  Angela finally tells her mom she doesn’t want to be in the fashion show of course the mother was disappointed but it turned out for the best when Danielle was able to be in it with her.  At the fashion show Angela looked like she kind of missed her old life and wanted a piece back but felt like she was too far gone to get it back.  You don’t have to completely lose who you are when you have new friends.  

 This episode could have been a little better but I did get what they were trying to say about loving who you are and being the best of you.


My So Called Life Ep 4– Father Figure

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Angela’s Dad is feeling the lack of respect that she is showing towards him she is treating him more like how she treats her mom by not really talking and avoiding being in the same area as he is and it is getting to him, being he use to be the favorite parent.  I can tell he was really feeling the pain when her grumpy grandfather came to visit the family do to an tax audit on the family business and Angela ran to him like she use to do with her father.  It is hard to gain trust back once you tainted it somewhat.  Angela’s father wanted to reconnect so bad that he gave her and RayAnne tickets to the Grateful Dead concert which was really crazy knowing how strict and guarded her mother is and it was on a school night too, but that did not really matter being Angela scalped them anyway just to have a reason to talk to Jordan, you would think after he told her he means nothing to her she wouldn’t even try to speak to him anymore but to sell him tickets as an excuse to pay him back for the fake wrong ID is just ridicules!  Knowing that was RayAnne’s favorite band and you doing it anyways is just a real dumb move.  Thank goodness RayAnne still went to the concert anyways.

The father and daughter strained relationship does not only seems to be with Angela and her father but with her mother’s father too, the grumpy grandfather seemed to not pay any regards to her mother opinions and wanted to have a boy so bad instead to run the family business.  But she does voice her opinions on how she felt she treated him and how well she did run the business and it was him that made mistakes in the company and she knew how to fix it and make the business better and more up to date with the competition, he still seemed to of heard what she was saying but did not want to recognize it and just blow it off by offering to take her for pie, she should not have went but I think she did, being that it was a no winning battle. 

Angela thinks she has the worst father ever but her friends seem to have real situations to deal with in regards to father’s that is not even comparable to her situation, but she does reconnect with her father through music which is their common ground.  This was a more personal episode to watch just when you think your situation is bad you see it could be worse.


My So Called Life Ep 3– Guns and Gossip

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I can’t believe even if Brian doesn’t really know Ricky that well he will let him get harassed by students without saying anything and just looking the other way and continuing on his bathroom journey!  But maybe that was a good choice being as soon as entered he heard a gunshot go off!  And saw two people scattering away one which was Ricky, which maybe he was tired of getting bullied around because of his lifestyle and brought in a gun to protect him self and warn people to stay away from him. 

As in any high school rumors get twisted and spread like wild fire!  Angela’s little incident of her being in the car with Jordan at Brian’s house the other night turned into her having sex with him in the car in front of Brian’s house!  Even Angela’s mom finds out and assumes the rumors are true because she heard it from RayAnne’s mom, which is kind of sad that she really doesn’t know her daughter like that and tries to over ride Angela when she was trying to tell her she hasn’t even had one date or even a real conversation with the guy, but Angela does get through to her finally by force and does hear what she was saying that she was not even close to having sex with Jordan.  With all the rumors spreading through school Jordan does finally come up to Angela to talk about the situation, I thought he was going to be a good person and tell her not to worry but no he decides to tell her lets just make the rumors true and have sex that is just crazy, but he is a high school boy!  The worst part was when he told her she means nothing to him so don’t even worry.  But Angela does find out who started the rumor in the first place sweet Brian who was heartbroken from her using him the night they were suppose to do their extra credit together.

It seems like RayAnne is Ricky’s only defense when it comes to being harassed no one else seems to be helping him out even Angela sees him getting hassled and does nothing to help him out.  But Angela does get a chance to speak with Ricky and finds out the real story of the gun situation of him not having nothing to do with it, which even with that knowledge and knowing he can get in big trouble he wants to rumors to stay which makes sense so that the people who harasses him can back down and think that he might do something the next time they come to him.  The principal you can tell is trying to force the issue of who had brought the gun to school and has an idea that it was Ricky, he is really putting the pressure on Brian to tell him everything and to tell him that Ricky is the one that had the gun but Brian is not a dumb guy he was tired of being forced to say something and was forced to bring up lawyers if it continues and of course the Principal shut down.  But he does have a nice surprise when the students come back to school medal detectors!

This episode is I really enjoyed and can not wait to see what happens next week.


My So Called Life Ep 2 – Dancing in the Dark

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Angela crush on Jordan seems to be getting even more powerful, and she is doing the goofy teenage girly talk when his around its funny, but her new friends seem to be causing her to let her guards down even further and become more free spirited but in a wild child sort of way, her old best friend Sharron could be her down fall being she has been pushed aside with no valid reasons at least in Sharron eyes the jealously seems to be building up in her especially in science class when Angela sneaks out to be with her new friends and disregards everything else this may cause problems for Angela down the line they went from best friends to soon to be enemies.  RayAnne of course is up a master plan to get Angela and Jordan together with a fake ID but I really do not understand why she is so determined to make this happen what’s in it for her?  Maybe its just fun for her to get people together who really knows at this point?  I felt so bad how Angela let RayAnne talk her into using sweet Brian’s house just to have a location for Jordan to go to so Angela can finally meet and talk with him and have that connection she really wanted, you know Brian has a major crush on her you can just see it in his eyes.  That’s why it was good for her to not really get what she wanted when she did finally get a chance to be with Jordan.  He was so not interested in getting to know her he just to make out!  And of course get his money for the wrongly dated ID which was pretty funny.  When reality meets fantasy sometimes it is just best to stick with fantasy. 

It seems like Angela’s parents have a deeper issue they need to resolve.  I came to find out that the young next door neighbor in the first episode is in fact who the Dad is going to have an affair with and you can tell her mother knew she was losing the connection with her husband and wanted to find a way to regain it back, with a change in her looks and lifestyle.  The ballroom dancing did seem like a good idea but when he didn’t even try to say anything nice about her new haircut which I thought look so much nicer on her I personally would of turned around and walked out, that was just plain rude and you knew she did it only for him and he had nothing to say but “I can see your ears better!”  Are you serious!  OK fine they are married and trying to work it out so when they did get home they had a chance to hear their differences and rekindle the love, but the plans he had to meet the other woman he was on the phone cancelling and kind of arguing with her when Angela walked in and heard what he was doing, but I don’t know if she knew exactly what was going on or if just caught the tail end of the conversation, but she is daddy’s little girl and I don’t think she would tell her mother and plus she doesn’t want to hurt her mother’s feelings.  Being caught on the phone her Dad just truly played it off like the conversation with nothing unusual and simply said your not going to be able to wake up in the morning while he headed back upstairs and left her standing there. 

This episode was more detailed and is building a good story line everyone seems to having their own individual problems to deal with, but they all reconnect to the family.



My So Called Life Ep 1 – The Pilot

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Everyone has their awkward teenage high school experiences and in finding one selves but Angela’s is really over the top!  Her mind works overtime but I do follow what she means on some points.  Her family seems to be dealing with their own personal issues Mom trying to live the structured life with rules, Dad still trying to be cool and fun and little sister doing anything to get some sort of attention which got me so stressed either be on the same team or only one makes the decisions in that house that is how she is able to slip threw the cracks allowed to go out on a school night and then sleep at some stranger’s house with no supervision trying get into a club and ends up having the cops take her home but I don’t know but maybe the Dad is tired of the married life being he was talking to young lady next door.  Angela seems to have a new group of friends Ricky who happens to be bi and RayAnne but I don’t know if she really likes her new friends or just trying to find people not so ordinary and living in a safe guarded life like her (ex) best friend who is a cookie cutter type of person and sees things in one direction.  I think RayAnne maybe a little to much for Angela a true wild child you already know she has a pass and her family is nowhere to be found?  But I think that is what makes her so exciting and she does seem fun one out of the bunch but a little to risky. 

I do not know about this boy Jordan she has a crush on he does nothing but stares into space and says one or two words?!  I don’t get it but I guess that gives him the mysterious factor and she wants to be the one to get his attention.  Hopefully he will be saying and doing more in further episodes he is a cutie. 

I did like when she decided not to continue on the yearbook project she made total sense in why she wouldn’t continue, the yearbook should have some factual parts on everyday high school life and not all about the sports and groups the school has that is a false sense of being.  It should be more personal and have more students involved instead of the regular selected few.  Even though her teacher could not see where she was coming from on any regards from the yearbook to her comment in class Angela still had to stand firm in what she believed.

Being that this is the first episode I feel it has a lot to offer and I already enjoy it lets see how it continues.