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My So Called Life Ep 19 – In Dreams Begin Responsibilities December 3, 2010

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Angela is back to dreaming about Jordan but this time it’s the same dream reoccurring.  I guess the pressure of knowing your good friend slept with your ex-boyfriend is constantly in your mind.  This is the first time I see Jordan actually caring about Angela.  He is even trying to talk to her and she is just not having it, I’m so surprised she didn’t run back to him as soon as he went to her.  He even asked Brian for advice on helping to get her back.  Which Brian should have said no but of course he vaguely helped him out at first, which work when Jordan told Angela but she was just too impressed and wanted to go deeper in the conversation and he just couldn’t keep up with it. 

When Angela receives the letter from Jordan she is just in love with it.  Too bad it wasn’t written by him, Brian is just expressing his love for her through Jordan.  Even if she finds out it wasn’t written by him she still wouldn’t like Brian.  I think through guilt of some sort Jordan finds his way to Angela’s house and spends the whole time talking to Patty about the situation.  When Ricky does tell Angela Brian wrote the letter surprisingly she seems to be okay with it and confronts him about it.  It looks like something could actually happen between them two but just in the nick of time Jordan is there to swoop her away in his car so they can talk. 

What is even more surprising is that a girl likes Ricky?  He is without a doubt not into girls but I guess she doesn’t see that or just don’t want to see it.  So in the attempt to be “normal” he does decide to ask her out and she did know he was gay?  With all the heartbreak he was the safest to like, they can really be best friends she seems so sweet and Ricky is just gentle. 

It looks like the restaurant business is going to take off and Halley and Graham are officially in business.  She seems to overbearing it’s a good and bad thing I can see it affecting their partnership.  But they did almost cross the line in getting intimate with each other, but I guess you have to wait till Season 2 to find out if they really did?

Overall it was a good show I had to take myself back to the 90’s so I could be a part of what their main focus was on.  There seemed to be a lot of extra pressure at this school with one good teacher who seemed to be the only caring one.  But the issues were brought across directly and you understood where they were going with it.  And at that time it was rare to see; now it’s all over maybe to all over that you just become immune to it so it has no real affect.  But it will lead to other great works to come about from it.


My So Called Life Ep 18 – Weekend

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Well the parents are getting ready to go off on a weekend get away to reconnect.  Which they need, Graham is getting closer to his business partner right now and it seems platonic but you can still sense the sexual undertone about them.  And now that Halley is officially single it seems to be even more aggressive.  To spice things up with Graham and Patty her friend brings over handcuffs which is so funny to watch her reaction like it was so taboo.  At least she did get a chance to let loose when they did arrive to their hotel, she is actually funny drunk and not so serious and orderly.  It might not have been the trip she planned out but it will be one she will not forget. 

Danielle is just having a hard time in being the youngest and nobody wants her to listen in on things she is not ready for at her tender age.  But she is so cute in being excited to hang out with Angela and her friends while their parents are away.  Of course RayAnne and Angela are still not on speaking terms and Ricky is always at Angela house now and is caught up in the middle of them.  Being really jealous of Ricky not being with her she finds her way to Angela’s to see him.  I wouldn’t have let her in the house at all and just had Ricky come down to speak with her but Angela just lets her in and now she is paying to price. 

Playing around RayAnne is now bounded to Angela’s parent’s bed with the handcuffs left behind and what no key to unlock her?  Kind of saw that one coming.  So of course you have to go into panic mood and every possible situation is brought up.  Patty’s friend is over to get the handcuffs for her and all kinds of stalling begins on her attempt to go upstairs.  At least they came up with a clever way to hide the fact RayAnne was cuffed to the bed with her being sick.  But when Danielle speaks to RayAnne and questions her way of thinking it seems so simple to have a younger person just out right ask you why do you do the things you do without feeling insulted. 

Brian finds his way over to help out on the situation and of course he does.  Danielle had the best time of her life just hanging out with older kids; it is the little things that make people so happy.


My So Called Life Ep 17 – Betrayal

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Newsflash Angela is over Jordan!  And she has a new crush on Corey, which is also Ricky’s crush.  At least she can continue with her high school life without being all concerned about Jordan all the time.  Everyone seems to be turning a new leaf RayAnne is trying out for a play, Ricky seems so much happier and Angela is just becoming a new person. 

Brian gets to go to where all the cool kids’ hangout being it is for the yearbook project and he needs documentation, and it’s a good excuse for him to be around them.  He does catch RayAnne and Jordan making out in his car and since she is back to drinking again when she sobers up she must know Angela is going to be so pissed!  It just doesn’t matter even when someone says they are over a person your close friend shouldn’t hook up with him ever!  When Ricky and Angela finds out they are so upset with them especially with RayAnne.  Ricky does let RayAnne have it and supports Angela this time around he didn’t even try to make up an excuse for RayAnne’s actions like he normally does.  She knows she is totally wrong for what she did and even feels uncomfortable around Jordan.  But going to Angela’s house to explain the situation to her mom is even worse!  She already did not care for you and now you made it official.  And of course now Jordan is trying to find away to have Angela forgive him.  He just doesn’t know how to express himself clearly without getting flustered.

It was to funny when Jordan went up to Brian and he panics thinking his mad about the tape, but he just wanted to cancel his tutoring session.  Brian should of just told him right there and then about the video, it will come out it is high school.  RayAnne does get the part she wanted in the play and has nobody to celebrate with.  This is the time it really hits her that she was in the wrong.  Why can’t people just apologize?

This episode was good and at least showed you that drinking does get you into situations you’re not ready to face the next day.


My So Called Life Ep 16 – Resolutions

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Everyone always has a New Years resolution they passionately believe they are going to try to work on for the New Year.  But most of the time it starts off great and fades out by February.  All Angela’s friends are over her house to celebrate coming into the New Year together.  And listening to each of their resolutions seemed to all about their individual character and personalities.  Which is like being a new person completely, if you have the friends you have now and like them why would you want to change?

Finally Graham has a pusher on his back Halley to start up his own restaurant business, but he always is trying to please Patty and subdue his own passions.  You can tell when he walked into his possible restaurant to be he was sold on the idea! 

How ironic that Brian is now Jordan’s tutor and I know this is painful for him.  But they do have a fair trade-off Jordan helps him out with the girls and Brian or Brain will help him out with his learning disabilities. 

At least Ricky has a place to stay now over at Angela’s and it seems everyone loves him there.  But as always when things are going good he has to walk into the middle of a conversation Patty and Graham are having about finding his Aunt and Uncle.  This time I can see it’s not their fault and really were deeply concerned about why they haven’t tried to find him, which I would be too.  But when Ricky comes to them and tells them his going back home they should of spoke to his family first before sending him back there.  It’s not like he left out of a great situation.  And come to find out he doesn’t have a place to go being his Aunt and Uncle moved without telling him! How lame is that and now he is just on the struggle. 

Thankfully his teacher steps in to assists and when all else falls he allowed him to stay with him, but he was so trying to avoid that by all means, which he was totally in the wrong for but after finding out he has a secret of his own of living with partner it is a big risk of that information getting out to his work place.  This is the perfect living situation for Ricky he can really feel comfortable in his own skin there.

This episode was pretty good Ricky story was just the most painful but it had to have been told about teenage struggles with their own identity and acceptance.


My So Called Life Ep 15 – So Called Angel

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This episode was actually one of my favorites!  When I saw Ricky fall to the ground all beat up I had a feeling that a family did that to him.  He seems to not get a fair break from life especially during the holidays.  Trying to be the caretaker of RayAnne at all the times and trying to take care of him too is a lot of pressure for a high school boy.  But you cannot hide a black eye not even with the best makeup and you can see Ricky trying to play it nonchalant while in school.  There is a new strange girl that keeps appearing and playing the guitar, Angela finds out who she is homeless but knows Ricky very well.

Christmas is one of those holidays that people have forgetting what the original meaning stood for.  I see why Angela brought up the question on why they don’t go attend church being it is a Christian holiday.  While her parents are scrambling around for an answer I adore what Danielle had to say “Do we have to keep talking about religion its Christmas.”  This holiday has been so overly exposed with just about giving and receiving gifts that the younger generation are not even knowledgeable of its origin.  Showing a perfect example of the Christmas spirit Angela’s parents would not allow Ricky to stay with them, when they can see he was in total distress.  At least make him feel comfortable until they could of figure the situation out, but no it didn’t turn out that way and sent him running back unto the streets.  Surprisingly he did run into Jordan who had a similar situation of an abusive parent and sent him to a place where he used to go to get away. 

With Angela in a panic looking for Ricky, Jordan takes her where he is in an abandon warehouse.  Where she runs back into the homeless girl that she met earlier, I guess that is why she knows Ricky so well being they live there together along with others.  Explaining to Brian where Ricky was and how she felt about it her parents overheard her, and before discussing it with her they jump the gun and report it to the police station!  They are the worst.  If they would have just sat down with her she wouldn’t have felt so obligated to warn the homeless of the police invasion that was coming for them.  Patty now she is in a panic to find Angela ends up running into the homeless girl that keeps popping up all over and finds out she is dead, which I thought they could of did a better way on making that point come across.  But it was a lesson of getting across that you do not know what the future has in store for you good or bad so you shouldn’t judge certain situations and appreciate work on the ones you have.


My So Called Life Ep 14 – On the Wagon

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Now that Angela and Jordan have broken up it seems like their conversations are more entailed.  I guess because the pressure is somewhat off on them and they can actually become friends first.  But that fact that the obsession returns to Jordan with Angela finding any kind of excuse to be near him, and just ignoring RayAnne who is ending her therapy sessions soon?  I didn’t even know she was going to see a therapist after she almost overdosed?  I think that part should have been mentioned earlier.

Being so overwhelmed with Jordan Angela totally forgot about RayAnne coming to her house after school.  I can see that it hurt her feelings that she didn’t show up but RayAnne is such a cool kid that she just lets it blow off.  She did get to see what a “real” family is suppose to be like sharing and cooking dinner together, unlike her bohemian mom who is so in and out of the house and I don’t think even knows how to cook at all.  Feeling like she has to find her place back into Angela’s life there is an opening in Jordan’s band and RayAnne jumps at the chance to become the lead singer and feeling bad that she has been totally ignoring her Angela asks Jordan which you can tell he doesn’t want to do at all, but she did make the band!  Early I heard RayAnne sing and she sounded ok but when they did a show together she was horrible!  Maybe it was just stage fright or something but she did run off so she did know she didn’t go a good job up there, thank goodness it was not a full house. 

Poor Ricky always so caring hasn’t heard from RayAnne since the show and think she might have gone downhill and started drinking again.  Which I thought she was doing too, and so did Angela’s mom who went over to RayAnne’s house and let her mother have it!  But as always she went there on assumptions to come to find out RayAnne has been home with her mother all this time.  You can tell Ricky is getting tired of caring for her so much but he just can not let her go.  But I thought was going to end nicely with all of them going to the movies together.  RayAnne actually does have a voice which I thought I heard in the beginning of the show while standing in the movie line she just started to sing out Sesame Street’s theme song but with the grand applause from the crowd she takes a drink of beer from some stranger? 

This episode was really good it wasn’t too expected, and when you thought it was heading in one direction it lead you into another.


My So Called Life Ep 13 – Pressure

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Now the Angela and Jordan is “officially” a couple.  He allows her to test drive his care so I guess it is time to expand on their relationship and have a deeper connection by having sex at least that’s Jordan’s view, but to me they still have not even held a real conversation yet?  I guess if I can remember in high school there really weren’t that many deep conversations.  I love how Angela’s parent think that young kids do not know what they are speaking about in front of them, by using “code-words” when describing the make outs sessions that may be happening in Jordan’s car.  Danielle, who I feel bad for the family just totally ignores her!  But she does let her parents know exactly what they are trying to hide from her; she is not as naïve as they think she is.

The kids are starting to hang out in an abandon house and of course that would be the ideal place where you want to have your first experience to be, or at least that is what Jordan thinks is the perfect location for them to have sex at.  He actually finds his way to Angela’s house to meet the parents so he can take her out on a “date” but of course the only time when Angela needs her mother there to give her grief about her going out with him she is stuck at work and is even late for the dinner party Graham planned for them with his cooking classmate so he allows her to go even though you can tell she really doesn’t want to.

When they do finally arrive at the abandon house I know that Angela is relieved that all the rooms are occupied at least that will give her time to make up an excuse to get out of there!  Thank goodness RayAnne is there but she is on her way out but there is the opening Angela was waiting for to escape and I would of used her too if I felt back into a corner.  Of course being they didn’t go through with having sex Jordan decides to break it off with Angela but Ricky is there to give her advice on waiting to have sex with the right person you really don’t want any regrets!

This episode is actually pretty accurate when it comes to trying to get out of something you really don’t want to do even when everyone else is doing it.  I love how they always call Jordan by his whole name Jordan Catalano.