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Shouting Fire – Chase Harper November 23, 2010

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This student caused such a ruckus over a scripture that he had read in the bible and in his deep belief he felt in his heart he should state his point of view on a tee-shirt stating “Homosexuality is shameful – Romans 1:27” and “Be ashamed, our school has embraced what God condemned”.  Deciding to wear it to school and expressing his freedom of speech is where his trouble arises. 

The day before the school conducted a “Day of Silence” for gay rights and stopping homophobia.  Which of course in my opinion is very compassionate movement, but that is only my viewpoint.  But as in Chase he did not agree with the movement and decided to state his point of view in the same non-violent way the school conducted, but instead got chastise for it also suspended from school.  Chase did decide to take the school court to fight for his freedom of rights but it got dismissed. 

I can see why freedom of speech should have regulations and that things can get out of hands but why not call it what it is “Freedom of Speech with Regulations”?  Everyone watches what they say to this day because they can get into serious trouble with their opinionated statements that can lead into jail time or under a very heavy watchful eye.  Freedom of Speech is not what we think the word “Freedom” is what leads into the wrong thinking pattern of open-mindedness the government should change the term to include the now hidden restrictions they want to entail.


The West Wing – Pilot November 15, 2010

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It seems working for P.O.T.U.S (President of the United States) is really a 24hr job.  Even with a simple accident like the sprained ankle the President gained from bike riding into a tree they have to stop what they are doing and attend to his needs, the press and have a statement ready.  Your personal life can not cross your professional life as Sam soon found out that the girl he casual met at the bar turned out to be a call girl!  Only finding out this information by them accidently switching beepers, that situation could have went really bad if she wanted to go public or blackmail him because of his status.  But so far it seems he got away with it, and plus I really think he cares for her.  I love how Sam tried to give the fourth grade class a historic lesson about the White House and he knew absolutely nothing about it!  And then got called out by his boss’s daughter that he was trying to impress, but incidentally put his foot in his mouth by complaining about his entire day with her including the call girl. 

With all the different beliefs of religion it seems like Josh could not take the point of view of which Mary Marsh was trying to get across and make into a valid point to all Christian homes and he ends up letting her have it on the air, which nearly cost him his job.  But thanks to Toby Ziegler to help him clean up the situation that was created, he invited the religious group to the White House to have a meeting to resolve the issue, but he too ends up getting into a disagreement with Mary too. For them to be such a religious group how could they not know the 1st commandment of the bible!  Toby was not trying to have them walk all over him or his coworkers and blatantly corrected them.  I love how the President walked in on this argument and put this religious group in their places and had them leave the White House abruptly! 

For a first episode they really put in a lot of characters with completely different stories to follow, but it all flowed as together there was not one dull moment at hand it was very entertaining


My So Called Life Ep 11 – Life of Brian November 12, 2010

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It is time for Brian to have his time and his able to go around the school as a photographer and while doing this he was introduced to a new girl named Delia, Brian is so awkward that he doesn’t even realize that she is interested in him till Sharron tells him.  I think he should start dating others instead of fantasying over Angela.  He does decide to ask Delia to the dance they are having at the school called the World Happiness Dance they really do make a cute couple.  Angela of course secretly wants to go to the dance with Jordan but she doesn’t want to look uncool in asking him so she hints to him for him to ask her but of course he is not interested in going.  So she decides to go to the second best thing and ask Brian if she could tag along with him and his date to the prom which of course he should have said no!  But being he has a major crush on her he says yes and decides to not go with Delia anymore, which was very upsetting to watch knowing Angela is not interested in him, but I can see he thinks maybe something could happen.  Back at Angela’s house her pushy mother once again asked her father if he wanted to join a cooking class that she found, and of course he needed time to think about it but before he had a chance she signed him up for it!  Now I can see why he was tempted to see other people at the beginning of the show he needs to talk to her before she pushes him over the edge!

RayAnne of course notices that Ricky has a major crush on a new boy named Corey that loves to paint his shoes, and she invites him to come along to the dance with her and Ricky but forgets to tell Ricky about this invite and this of course makes him very upset.  I think he feels like everything is not a game to him, that true feeling are really involved and she takes it so lightly.  But even worse at the dance RayAnne doesn’t even show up!  And Ricky is sitting there was Corey thinking they are building on a friendship when he realizes RayAnne didn’t tell Corey she wasn’t coming.  Ricky sees that Delia is just standing there alone and decides to ask her to dance and they get down in the middle of the dance floor and they really had a good time.  I can see Delia being a better friend to Ricky than RayAnne hopefully she becomes his new best friend because RayAnne is way too much!  Angela is having a bad time at the dance when she see Jordan and he says nothing to her so again she is feeling down and goes to the second best thing and ask Brian if he wanted to dance and he actually said no!  I think he finally gets the point that it is not going to happen between them…I think.


My So Called Life Ep 7 – Jordan Can’t Read

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Why is RayAnne drinking in the museum on a school field trip with everyone there? Where are the teachers?  She is so all over the place but you got to love her, plus she is the one you focus on while Angela is goggling over Jordan, which Angela decides to write down her feeling for him but of course not give him the letter but give it to RayAnne instead who loses it!  Finally, Jordan comes over to talk to speak to Angela in the museum they have the shortest conversations but I guess when you like a person you tend to hold on to their every word, but now finding out that RayAnne lost the letter Angela thinks he read it first that’s why his made an effort to speak to her.  In fact Jordan did have the letter and tries to give it back to Angela but as dramatic as one could be she kind of went over the top and accused him of reading it, which in fact who wouldn’t of read it if their name was on it, but come to find out Jordan really didn’t read it because his illiterate!  But he does invite her to come see his band “Frozen Embryos” practice for an event that they are getting ready for and a new song his in the middle of writing, as Jordan started to play Angela was thinking the song was about her when she heard it come to find out it is about his car, but just listening to the song it was to deep and connected to be about her, they never had a real conversation to have him write a song for her yet.  When he drops her home they finally have a real kiss maybe this will be the start of something real.

Angela’s parents are going through their own situation her mother thinks she may be pregnant, and they have no idea if they are ready to have another right now baby.  In the light of things they could have the baby boy they wanted, but that dream was shortly lived when she did finally get her period.  Back at school Angela finds Jordan and convinces him to come by her house to meet her parents so they can go to the movies, which the idea of going to the movies was forced upon by her he didn’t get a chance to ask her nor do I think he was ready to.  Angela is so excited waiting for him to come by her house but he never shows up and she is crushed. 

On this episode you can see the bond of Jordan and Angela finally coming together, hopefully it will become more in-depth.


My So Called Life Ep 8 – Strangers in the House

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Sharron’s father has a heart-attack and being that she and Angela’s families are close to each other, everyone is affected by this upsetting event.  Angela’s mom of course suggests that Sharron stays with them until everything is settled at the hospital but neither Angela nor Sharron are happy about it.  This is so hurtful for Sharron you would think Angela would put their differences aside and comfort her but she doesn’t and tries to stay as far away from her as possible.  Even Sharron’s boyfriend is avoiding her and not being there for her in her time of need, but Brian shows concern for her and is there to comfort her.  Sharron so loving Brian being around her that it seems she is using him as a crutch and Brian seems to be getting the wrong signal and thinks she is really interested in him in a boyfriend kind of way.  Angela confronts her about it and they both are accuse each other of using him whenever he is needed, poor Brian is just trying to fit in and can’t.  The good thing is that both Angela and Sharron admitted that they wanted to be there for each other but just didn’t know how, but they were able to regained their relationship again.

Angela’s dad has had it with his job working a place where he is not happy, even if it is with his wife.  I know it always seem like you should be doing something more useful or exciting then just settling at a company you have no interest in.  Angela’s mom is such a nag about getting contracts and bettering her business that she doesn’t see it at first, but she soon realizes that it is about happiness and releases him from his duties, and he is happy to have an opportunity to find something he is interested in. 

This episode Sharron and Angela finally regain their bond but able still hang out with different people but now at least they can speak to each other like they did before.  And having the opportunity to get a chance at a better career is always good, this is one of the good shows.


My So Called Life Ep 9 – Halloween

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Everyone is school is dressed up for Halloween including the teachers who seems to have one of the best Star Wars costumes.  In Angela class they are handed out books they have to read and she gets the one with Nicholas Driscol name in it, who he apparently died in the school in a freak accident.  The ghosts’ stories of how he died are all over the place everyone seems to have a different story of what they think happened, and Angela keeps on seeing his image everywhere around the school so of course she has to do a little research about him and RayAnne comes up with a great idea to have a séance after school.  So after school they meet up and decided to enter the school and that is when the great events happen.  Of course they get locked in the school and get separated Angela going one way and RayAnne and Brian going another, but in trying to fix the problem of them being locked in the power shuts off. 

As Angela is walking throughout the school she sees the event that leads up to Nikki’s death with the girl he was interested in and she was not interested in at him at all which caused him to go and join his friend to pull a prank Angela tries to stop him, but how can you really stop a ghost?  The funny thing is the next day Angela opens her book and there is a flower inside that Nikki gave to the girl that he liked, and she didn’t freak out she just smiled like it was normal?

This episode was really predictable and sometimes I hate dream sequences unless it is done right, but this one was kind of painful.  Not one of their best shows.


My So Called Life Ep 10 – Other People’s Mothers

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Anything goes in RayAnne’s house her mother is such a free spirit but not is a safe way just really out there.  Her daughter now has a drinking problem that she kind of got caught at Angela’s house but Ricky took the blame poor thing, it seems he always gets the bad end of the stick most times.  RayAnne’s Dad sends her money for her birthday but she really doesn’t care about it and decides to throw a big party with the cash.  Angela is like so obsessed with RayAnne’s mother, I think it’s the free thinking that draws her to her.  She teaches her how to use tarot cards, and in most houses they are not welcomed but Angela mother I guess doesn’t want to be the bad person and lets her play with them, plus she was to involved in getting together her parents anniversary party, which her overbearing mother is trying to take control of. 

Angela begs to go to RayAnne’s party as any kid would but her mother is not really trying to let her go, but with the help of the grandmother she was able to go.  Once there all these strange people they didn’t even know were there having a good time and RayAnne was drunk and taking drugs and very sloppy!  But surprisingly RayAnne’s mother comes in angry and shuts down the party and yells at her for having an to many people there and she has to get ready to go out to meet some guy and needs RayAnne to put the house back together before she returns.  Her mother didn’t even care that she was so wasted!  She just left to continue on her date.  But both Angela and Ricky were there to take care of her and noticed she was truly in trouble and called Angela’s mom to come and help.  RayAnne ends up in the hospital for overdosing.  Of course RayAnne mom shows up at the hospital all concerned now that her daughter nearly died and is very passionate with her feeling of concern. 

Angela’s mom takes the kids back to her house for her parents’ anniversary which her father didn’t even show up to and finds out Ricky is really a good kid and friend.  And warns Angela of RayAnne’s behavior and what it could lend up to lucky she got to them on time to save her.