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My So Called Life Ep 19 – In Dreams Begin Responsibilities December 3, 2010

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Angela is back to dreaming about Jordan but this time it’s the same dream reoccurring.  I guess the pressure of knowing your good friend slept with your ex-boyfriend is constantly in your mind.  This is the first time I see Jordan actually caring about Angela.  He is even trying to talk to her and she is just not having it, I’m so surprised she didn’t run back to him as soon as he went to her.  He even asked Brian for advice on helping to get her back.  Which Brian should have said no but of course he vaguely helped him out at first, which work when Jordan told Angela but she was just too impressed and wanted to go deeper in the conversation and he just couldn’t keep up with it. 

When Angela receives the letter from Jordan she is just in love with it.  Too bad it wasn’t written by him, Brian is just expressing his love for her through Jordan.  Even if she finds out it wasn’t written by him she still wouldn’t like Brian.  I think through guilt of some sort Jordan finds his way to Angela’s house and spends the whole time talking to Patty about the situation.  When Ricky does tell Angela Brian wrote the letter surprisingly she seems to be okay with it and confronts him about it.  It looks like something could actually happen between them two but just in the nick of time Jordan is there to swoop her away in his car so they can talk. 

What is even more surprising is that a girl likes Ricky?  He is without a doubt not into girls but I guess she doesn’t see that or just don’t want to see it.  So in the attempt to be “normal” he does decide to ask her out and she did know he was gay?  With all the heartbreak he was the safest to like, they can really be best friends she seems so sweet and Ricky is just gentle. 

It looks like the restaurant business is going to take off and Halley and Graham are officially in business.  She seems to overbearing it’s a good and bad thing I can see it affecting their partnership.  But they did almost cross the line in getting intimate with each other, but I guess you have to wait till Season 2 to find out if they really did?

Overall it was a good show I had to take myself back to the 90’s so I could be a part of what their main focus was on.  There seemed to be a lot of extra pressure at this school with one good teacher who seemed to be the only caring one.  But the issues were brought across directly and you understood where they were going with it.  And at that time it was rare to see; now it’s all over maybe to all over that you just become immune to it so it has no real affect.  But it will lead to other great works to come about from it.


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