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My So Called Life Ep 18 – Weekend December 3, 2010

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Well the parents are getting ready to go off on a weekend get away to reconnect.  Which they need, Graham is getting closer to his business partner right now and it seems platonic but you can still sense the sexual undertone about them.  And now that Halley is officially single it seems to be even more aggressive.  To spice things up with Graham and Patty her friend brings over handcuffs which is so funny to watch her reaction like it was so taboo.  At least she did get a chance to let loose when they did arrive to their hotel, she is actually funny drunk and not so serious and orderly.  It might not have been the trip she planned out but it will be one she will not forget. 

Danielle is just having a hard time in being the youngest and nobody wants her to listen in on things she is not ready for at her tender age.  But she is so cute in being excited to hang out with Angela and her friends while their parents are away.  Of course RayAnne and Angela are still not on speaking terms and Ricky is always at Angela house now and is caught up in the middle of them.  Being really jealous of Ricky not being with her she finds her way to Angela’s to see him.  I wouldn’t have let her in the house at all and just had Ricky come down to speak with her but Angela just lets her in and now she is paying to price. 

Playing around RayAnne is now bounded to Angela’s parent’s bed with the handcuffs left behind and what no key to unlock her?  Kind of saw that one coming.  So of course you have to go into panic mood and every possible situation is brought up.  Patty’s friend is over to get the handcuffs for her and all kinds of stalling begins on her attempt to go upstairs.  At least they came up with a clever way to hide the fact RayAnne was cuffed to the bed with her being sick.  But when Danielle speaks to RayAnne and questions her way of thinking it seems so simple to have a younger person just out right ask you why do you do the things you do without feeling insulted. 

Brian finds his way over to help out on the situation and of course he does.  Danielle had the best time of her life just hanging out with older kids; it is the little things that make people so happy.


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