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My So Called Life Ep 17 – Betrayal December 3, 2010

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Newsflash Angela is over Jordan!  And she has a new crush on Corey, which is also Ricky’s crush.  At least she can continue with her high school life without being all concerned about Jordan all the time.  Everyone seems to be turning a new leaf RayAnne is trying out for a play, Ricky seems so much happier and Angela is just becoming a new person. 

Brian gets to go to where all the cool kids’ hangout being it is for the yearbook project and he needs documentation, and it’s a good excuse for him to be around them.  He does catch RayAnne and Jordan making out in his car and since she is back to drinking again when she sobers up she must know Angela is going to be so pissed!  It just doesn’t matter even when someone says they are over a person your close friend shouldn’t hook up with him ever!  When Ricky and Angela finds out they are so upset with them especially with RayAnne.  Ricky does let RayAnne have it and supports Angela this time around he didn’t even try to make up an excuse for RayAnne’s actions like he normally does.  She knows she is totally wrong for what she did and even feels uncomfortable around Jordan.  But going to Angela’s house to explain the situation to her mom is even worse!  She already did not care for you and now you made it official.  And of course now Jordan is trying to find away to have Angela forgive him.  He just doesn’t know how to express himself clearly without getting flustered.

It was to funny when Jordan went up to Brian and he panics thinking his mad about the tape, but he just wanted to cancel his tutoring session.  Brian should of just told him right there and then about the video, it will come out it is high school.  RayAnne does get the part she wanted in the play and has nobody to celebrate with.  This is the time it really hits her that she was in the wrong.  Why can’t people just apologize?

This episode was good and at least showed you that drinking does get you into situations you’re not ready to face the next day.


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