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My So Called Life Ep 16 – Resolutions December 3, 2010

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Everyone always has a New Years resolution they passionately believe they are going to try to work on for the New Year.  But most of the time it starts off great and fades out by February.  All Angela’s friends are over her house to celebrate coming into the New Year together.  And listening to each of their resolutions seemed to all about their individual character and personalities.  Which is like being a new person completely, if you have the friends you have now and like them why would you want to change?

Finally Graham has a pusher on his back Halley to start up his own restaurant business, but he always is trying to please Patty and subdue his own passions.  You can tell when he walked into his possible restaurant to be he was sold on the idea! 

How ironic that Brian is now Jordan’s tutor and I know this is painful for him.  But they do have a fair trade-off Jordan helps him out with the girls and Brian or Brain will help him out with his learning disabilities. 

At least Ricky has a place to stay now over at Angela’s and it seems everyone loves him there.  But as always when things are going good he has to walk into the middle of a conversation Patty and Graham are having about finding his Aunt and Uncle.  This time I can see it’s not their fault and really were deeply concerned about why they haven’t tried to find him, which I would be too.  But when Ricky comes to them and tells them his going back home they should of spoke to his family first before sending him back there.  It’s not like he left out of a great situation.  And come to find out he doesn’t have a place to go being his Aunt and Uncle moved without telling him! How lame is that and now he is just on the struggle. 

Thankfully his teacher steps in to assists and when all else falls he allowed him to stay with him, but he was so trying to avoid that by all means, which he was totally in the wrong for but after finding out he has a secret of his own of living with partner it is a big risk of that information getting out to his work place.  This is the perfect living situation for Ricky he can really feel comfortable in his own skin there.

This episode was pretty good Ricky story was just the most painful but it had to have been told about teenage struggles with their own identity and acceptance.


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