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My So Called Life Ep 15 – So Called Angel December 3, 2010

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This episode was actually one of my favorites!  When I saw Ricky fall to the ground all beat up I had a feeling that a family did that to him.  He seems to not get a fair break from life especially during the holidays.  Trying to be the caretaker of RayAnne at all the times and trying to take care of him too is a lot of pressure for a high school boy.  But you cannot hide a black eye not even with the best makeup and you can see Ricky trying to play it nonchalant while in school.  There is a new strange girl that keeps appearing and playing the guitar, Angela finds out who she is homeless but knows Ricky very well.

Christmas is one of those holidays that people have forgetting what the original meaning stood for.  I see why Angela brought up the question on why they don’t go attend church being it is a Christian holiday.  While her parents are scrambling around for an answer I adore what Danielle had to say “Do we have to keep talking about religion its Christmas.”  This holiday has been so overly exposed with just about giving and receiving gifts that the younger generation are not even knowledgeable of its origin.  Showing a perfect example of the Christmas spirit Angela’s parents would not allow Ricky to stay with them, when they can see he was in total distress.  At least make him feel comfortable until they could of figure the situation out, but no it didn’t turn out that way and sent him running back unto the streets.  Surprisingly he did run into Jordan who had a similar situation of an abusive parent and sent him to a place where he used to go to get away. 

With Angela in a panic looking for Ricky, Jordan takes her where he is in an abandon warehouse.  Where she runs back into the homeless girl that she met earlier, I guess that is why she knows Ricky so well being they live there together along with others.  Explaining to Brian where Ricky was and how she felt about it her parents overheard her, and before discussing it with her they jump the gun and report it to the police station!  They are the worst.  If they would have just sat down with her she wouldn’t have felt so obligated to warn the homeless of the police invasion that was coming for them.  Patty now she is in a panic to find Angela ends up running into the homeless girl that keeps popping up all over and finds out she is dead, which I thought they could of did a better way on making that point come across.  But it was a lesson of getting across that you do not know what the future has in store for you good or bad so you shouldn’t judge certain situations and appreciate work on the ones you have.


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