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My So Called Life Ep 14 – On the Wagon December 3, 2010

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Now that Angela and Jordan have broken up it seems like their conversations are more entailed.  I guess because the pressure is somewhat off on them and they can actually become friends first.  But that fact that the obsession returns to Jordan with Angela finding any kind of excuse to be near him, and just ignoring RayAnne who is ending her therapy sessions soon?  I didn’t even know she was going to see a therapist after she almost overdosed?  I think that part should have been mentioned earlier.

Being so overwhelmed with Jordan Angela totally forgot about RayAnne coming to her house after school.  I can see that it hurt her feelings that she didn’t show up but RayAnne is such a cool kid that she just lets it blow off.  She did get to see what a “real” family is suppose to be like sharing and cooking dinner together, unlike her bohemian mom who is so in and out of the house and I don’t think even knows how to cook at all.  Feeling like she has to find her place back into Angela’s life there is an opening in Jordan’s band and RayAnne jumps at the chance to become the lead singer and feeling bad that she has been totally ignoring her Angela asks Jordan which you can tell he doesn’t want to do at all, but she did make the band!  Early I heard RayAnne sing and she sounded ok but when they did a show together she was horrible!  Maybe it was just stage fright or something but she did run off so she did know she didn’t go a good job up there, thank goodness it was not a full house. 

Poor Ricky always so caring hasn’t heard from RayAnne since the show and think she might have gone downhill and started drinking again.  Which I thought she was doing too, and so did Angela’s mom who went over to RayAnne’s house and let her mother have it!  But as always she went there on assumptions to come to find out RayAnne has been home with her mother all this time.  You can tell Ricky is getting tired of caring for her so much but he just can not let her go.  But I thought was going to end nicely with all of them going to the movies together.  RayAnne actually does have a voice which I thought I heard in the beginning of the show while standing in the movie line she just started to sing out Sesame Street’s theme song but with the grand applause from the crowd she takes a drink of beer from some stranger? 

This episode was really good it wasn’t too expected, and when you thought it was heading in one direction it lead you into another.


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