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My So Called Life Ep 13 – Pressure December 3, 2010

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Now the Angela and Jordan is “officially” a couple.  He allows her to test drive his care so I guess it is time to expand on their relationship and have a deeper connection by having sex at least that’s Jordan’s view, but to me they still have not even held a real conversation yet?  I guess if I can remember in high school there really weren’t that many deep conversations.  I love how Angela’s parent think that young kids do not know what they are speaking about in front of them, by using “code-words” when describing the make outs sessions that may be happening in Jordan’s car.  Danielle, who I feel bad for the family just totally ignores her!  But she does let her parents know exactly what they are trying to hide from her; she is not as naïve as they think she is.

The kids are starting to hang out in an abandon house and of course that would be the ideal place where you want to have your first experience to be, or at least that is what Jordan thinks is the perfect location for them to have sex at.  He actually finds his way to Angela’s house to meet the parents so he can take her out on a “date” but of course the only time when Angela needs her mother there to give her grief about her going out with him she is stuck at work and is even late for the dinner party Graham planned for them with his cooking classmate so he allows her to go even though you can tell she really doesn’t want to.

When they do finally arrive at the abandon house I know that Angela is relieved that all the rooms are occupied at least that will give her time to make up an excuse to get out of there!  Thank goodness RayAnne is there but she is on her way out but there is the opening Angela was waiting for to escape and I would of used her too if I felt back into a corner.  Of course being they didn’t go through with having sex Jordan decides to break it off with Angela but Ricky is there to give her advice on waiting to have sex with the right person you really don’t want any regrets!

This episode is actually pretty accurate when it comes to trying to get out of something you really don’t want to do even when everyone else is doing it.  I love how they always call Jordan by his whole name Jordan Catalano.


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