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Shouting Fire – Chase Harper November 23, 2010

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This student caused such a ruckus over a scripture that he had read in the bible and in his deep belief he felt in his heart he should state his point of view on a tee-shirt stating “Homosexuality is shameful – Romans 1:27” and “Be ashamed, our school has embraced what God condemned”.  Deciding to wear it to school and expressing his freedom of speech is where his trouble arises. 

The day before the school conducted a “Day of Silence” for gay rights and stopping homophobia.  Which of course in my opinion is very compassionate movement, but that is only my viewpoint.  But as in Chase he did not agree with the movement and decided to state his point of view in the same non-violent way the school conducted, but instead got chastise for it also suspended from school.  Chase did decide to take the school court to fight for his freedom of rights but it got dismissed. 

I can see why freedom of speech should have regulations and that things can get out of hands but why not call it what it is “Freedom of Speech with Regulations”?  Everyone watches what they say to this day because they can get into serious trouble with their opinionated statements that can lead into jail time or under a very heavy watchful eye.  Freedom of Speech is not what we think the word “Freedom” is what leads into the wrong thinking pattern of open-mindedness the government should change the term to include the now hidden restrictions they want to entail.


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