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The West Wing – Pilot November 15, 2010

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It seems working for P.O.T.U.S (President of the United States) is really a 24hr job.  Even with a simple accident like the sprained ankle the President gained from bike riding into a tree they have to stop what they are doing and attend to his needs, the press and have a statement ready.  Your personal life can not cross your professional life as Sam soon found out that the girl he casual met at the bar turned out to be a call girl!  Only finding out this information by them accidently switching beepers, that situation could have went really bad if she wanted to go public or blackmail him because of his status.  But so far it seems he got away with it, and plus I really think he cares for her.  I love how Sam tried to give the fourth grade class a historic lesson about the White House and he knew absolutely nothing about it!  And then got called out by his boss’s daughter that he was trying to impress, but incidentally put his foot in his mouth by complaining about his entire day with her including the call girl. 

With all the different beliefs of religion it seems like Josh could not take the point of view of which Mary Marsh was trying to get across and make into a valid point to all Christian homes and he ends up letting her have it on the air, which nearly cost him his job.  But thanks to Toby Ziegler to help him clean up the situation that was created, he invited the religious group to the White House to have a meeting to resolve the issue, but he too ends up getting into a disagreement with Mary too. For them to be such a religious group how could they not know the 1st commandment of the bible!  Toby was not trying to have them walk all over him or his coworkers and blatantly corrected them.  I love how the President walked in on this argument and put this religious group in their places and had them leave the White House abruptly! 

For a first episode they really put in a lot of characters with completely different stories to follow, but it all flowed as together there was not one dull moment at hand it was very entertaining


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