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My So Called Life Ep 9 – Halloween November 12, 2010

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Everyone is school is dressed up for Halloween including the teachers who seems to have one of the best Star Wars costumes.  In Angela class they are handed out books they have to read and she gets the one with Nicholas Driscol name in it, who he apparently died in the school in a freak accident.  The ghosts’ stories of how he died are all over the place everyone seems to have a different story of what they think happened, and Angela keeps on seeing his image everywhere around the school so of course she has to do a little research about him and RayAnne comes up with a great idea to have a séance after school.  So after school they meet up and decided to enter the school and that is when the great events happen.  Of course they get locked in the school and get separated Angela going one way and RayAnne and Brian going another, but in trying to fix the problem of them being locked in the power shuts off. 

As Angela is walking throughout the school she sees the event that leads up to Nikki’s death with the girl he was interested in and she was not interested in at him at all which caused him to go and join his friend to pull a prank Angela tries to stop him, but how can you really stop a ghost?  The funny thing is the next day Angela opens her book and there is a flower inside that Nikki gave to the girl that he liked, and she didn’t freak out she just smiled like it was normal?

This episode was really predictable and sometimes I hate dream sequences unless it is done right, but this one was kind of painful.  Not one of their best shows.


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