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My So Called Life Ep 8 – Strangers in the House November 12, 2010

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Sharron’s father has a heart-attack and being that she and Angela’s families are close to each other, everyone is affected by this upsetting event.  Angela’s mom of course suggests that Sharron stays with them until everything is settled at the hospital but neither Angela nor Sharron are happy about it.  This is so hurtful for Sharron you would think Angela would put their differences aside and comfort her but she doesn’t and tries to stay as far away from her as possible.  Even Sharron’s boyfriend is avoiding her and not being there for her in her time of need, but Brian shows concern for her and is there to comfort her.  Sharron so loving Brian being around her that it seems she is using him as a crutch and Brian seems to be getting the wrong signal and thinks she is really interested in him in a boyfriend kind of way.  Angela confronts her about it and they both are accuse each other of using him whenever he is needed, poor Brian is just trying to fit in and can’t.  The good thing is that both Angela and Sharron admitted that they wanted to be there for each other but just didn’t know how, but they were able to regained their relationship again.

Angela’s dad has had it with his job working a place where he is not happy, even if it is with his wife.  I know it always seem like you should be doing something more useful or exciting then just settling at a company you have no interest in.  Angela’s mom is such a nag about getting contracts and bettering her business that she doesn’t see it at first, but she soon realizes that it is about happiness and releases him from his duties, and he is happy to have an opportunity to find something he is interested in. 

This episode Sharron and Angela finally regain their bond but able still hang out with different people but now at least they can speak to each other like they did before.  And having the opportunity to get a chance at a better career is always good, this is one of the good shows.


One Response to “My So Called Life Ep 8 – Strangers in the House”

  1. melzwriter Says:

    Okay this post was so much better than your past ones, although it was missing a rating at the end. But it was really clear which is important. I did feel that you didn’t analyze much. Rather, you just summarized everything. I want to hear your thoughts and feelings! Not just a summary. Remember that.

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