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My So Called Life Ep 7 – Jordan Can’t Read November 12, 2010

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Why is RayAnne drinking in the museum on a school field trip with everyone there? Where are the teachers?  She is so all over the place but you got to love her, plus she is the one you focus on while Angela is goggling over Jordan, which Angela decides to write down her feeling for him but of course not give him the letter but give it to RayAnne instead who loses it!  Finally, Jordan comes over to talk to speak to Angela in the museum they have the shortest conversations but I guess when you like a person you tend to hold on to their every word, but now finding out that RayAnne lost the letter Angela thinks he read it first that’s why his made an effort to speak to her.  In fact Jordan did have the letter and tries to give it back to Angela but as dramatic as one could be she kind of went over the top and accused him of reading it, which in fact who wouldn’t of read it if their name was on it, but come to find out Jordan really didn’t read it because his illiterate!  But he does invite her to come see his band “Frozen Embryos” practice for an event that they are getting ready for and a new song his in the middle of writing, as Jordan started to play Angela was thinking the song was about her when she heard it come to find out it is about his car, but just listening to the song it was to deep and connected to be about her, they never had a real conversation to have him write a song for her yet.  When he drops her home they finally have a real kiss maybe this will be the start of something real.

Angela’s parents are going through their own situation her mother thinks she may be pregnant, and they have no idea if they are ready to have another right now baby.  In the light of things they could have the baby boy they wanted, but that dream was shortly lived when she did finally get her period.  Back at school Angela finds Jordan and convinces him to come by her house to meet her parents so they can go to the movies, which the idea of going to the movies was forced upon by her he didn’t get a chance to ask her nor do I think he was ready to.  Angela is so excited waiting for him to come by her house but he never shows up and she is crushed. 

On this episode you can see the bond of Jordan and Angela finally coming together, hopefully it will become more in-depth.


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