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My So Called Life Ep 11 – Life of Brian November 12, 2010

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It is time for Brian to have his time and his able to go around the school as a photographer and while doing this he was introduced to a new girl named Delia, Brian is so awkward that he doesn’t even realize that she is interested in him till Sharron tells him.  I think he should start dating others instead of fantasying over Angela.  He does decide to ask Delia to the dance they are having at the school called the World Happiness Dance they really do make a cute couple.  Angela of course secretly wants to go to the dance with Jordan but she doesn’t want to look uncool in asking him so she hints to him for him to ask her but of course he is not interested in going.  So she decides to go to the second best thing and ask Brian if she could tag along with him and his date to the prom which of course he should have said no!  But being he has a major crush on her he says yes and decides to not go with Delia anymore, which was very upsetting to watch knowing Angela is not interested in him, but I can see he thinks maybe something could happen.  Back at Angela’s house her pushy mother once again asked her father if he wanted to join a cooking class that she found, and of course he needed time to think about it but before he had a chance she signed him up for it!  Now I can see why he was tempted to see other people at the beginning of the show he needs to talk to her before she pushes him over the edge!

RayAnne of course notices that Ricky has a major crush on a new boy named Corey that loves to paint his shoes, and she invites him to come along to the dance with her and Ricky but forgets to tell Ricky about this invite and this of course makes him very upset.  I think he feels like everything is not a game to him, that true feeling are really involved and she takes it so lightly.  But even worse at the dance RayAnne doesn’t even show up!  And Ricky is sitting there was Corey thinking they are building on a friendship when he realizes RayAnne didn’t tell Corey she wasn’t coming.  Ricky sees that Delia is just standing there alone and decides to ask her to dance and they get down in the middle of the dance floor and they really had a good time.  I can see Delia being a better friend to Ricky than RayAnne hopefully she becomes his new best friend because RayAnne is way too much!  Angela is having a bad time at the dance when she see Jordan and he says nothing to her so again she is feeling down and goes to the second best thing and ask Brian if he wanted to dance and he actually said no!  I think he finally gets the point that it is not going to happen between them…I think.


One Response to “My So Called Life Ep 11 – Life of Brian”

  1. melzwriter Says:

    In this post I could hear some of your thoughts, but it was still a lot of run-ons. Also, you really just summarize. It would greatly benefit your grade if you would add more analysis, whether it’s the characters, the writers/directors choices, the timeframe it was broadcasted in, etc. Go for it! Good luck!

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