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My So Called Life Ep 10 – Other People’s Mothers November 12, 2010

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Anything goes in RayAnne’s house her mother is such a free spirit but not is a safe way just really out there.  Her daughter now has a drinking problem that she kind of got caught at Angela’s house but Ricky took the blame poor thing, it seems he always gets the bad end of the stick most times.  RayAnne’s Dad sends her money for her birthday but she really doesn’t care about it and decides to throw a big party with the cash.  Angela is like so obsessed with RayAnne’s mother, I think it’s the free thinking that draws her to her.  She teaches her how to use tarot cards, and in most houses they are not welcomed but Angela mother I guess doesn’t want to be the bad person and lets her play with them, plus she was to involved in getting together her parents anniversary party, which her overbearing mother is trying to take control of. 

Angela begs to go to RayAnne’s party as any kid would but her mother is not really trying to let her go, but with the help of the grandmother she was able to go.  Once there all these strange people they didn’t even know were there having a good time and RayAnne was drunk and taking drugs and very sloppy!  But surprisingly RayAnne’s mother comes in angry and shuts down the party and yells at her for having an to many people there and she has to get ready to go out to meet some guy and needs RayAnne to put the house back together before she returns.  Her mother didn’t even care that she was so wasted!  She just left to continue on her date.  But both Angela and Ricky were there to take care of her and noticed she was truly in trouble and called Angela’s mom to come and help.  RayAnne ends up in the hospital for overdosing.  Of course RayAnne mom shows up at the hospital all concerned now that her daughter nearly died and is very passionate with her feeling of concern. 

Angela’s mom takes the kids back to her house for her parents’ anniversary which her father didn’t even show up to and finds out Ricky is really a good kid and friend.  And warns Angela of RayAnne’s behavior and what it could lend up to lucky she got to them on time to save her.


One Response to “My So Called Life Ep 10 – Other People’s Mothers”

  1. melzwriter Says:

    Again, very little analysis, and there goes those run-ons again. Just try reading those sentences out loud and if you need to breathe a lot in between since there are no periods to take a break-it’s a run-on.

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