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My So Called Life Ep 6 – The Substitute October 15, 2010

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This was one of the best episodes thus far, a substitute teacher comes in to teach Angela’s class and he has an unorthodox way of teaching and of wearing his socks one black one white?  He goes over the a few papers the student wrote for the Liberty Lit newspaper and throws them out the window!  He knows they can do better and wants more for them he even pushes Jordan who normally slips by to not be a slacker he really wants him to learn but he does find out that Jordan can’t read which makes so much sense on why he wanted Brian to tell him the story about Metamorphic.  Even though he was trying to prove a point Angela wanted to know what made him decide to throw them out like that and the sub came back with the best response that he wanted to wake people just like how he just did her.  The word gets around about this sub and everyone is coming from different classes to come and attend his class to check him out.  But the new papers that he made the students do for the Liberty Lit he submits them to Angela parents and they don’t want to print one of them because it is to sexual which I thought RayAnne wrote but it was Sharron that wrote that was a crazy twist but she doesn’t want nobody to know she wrote for good reason and RayAnne of course wants everyone to believe she wrote which was assumed anyways by her classmates and even myself.  Angela’s mom of course finds her way to the Sub’s classroom to ask not to print it but he fights for freedom of speech and ends up converting her into changing her mind about printing it.

They finally get the Liberty Lit back and the principal is not pleased about it and takes them off campus, but the crazy thing is you think he fires the Sub but no he quit on his on and being the fact he owed child-support and had to go back and face it, everyone has their back story.  Angela does go and speaks to the Sub and finds out his not all what she thought he was she appreciate that he opened her way of thinking but not his way of life and dealing with situations.  I loved how she went and made copies of the Liberty Lit that got took away and gave them to the students some things need to be read and I agree that was one of them.  She really stood her ground and had a real belief which you know you can’t stop a determined soul.


One Response to “My So Called Life Ep 6 – The Substitute”

  1. melzwriter Says:

    Three little words to live by: Run on sentences!
    Please I don’t want to have to try really hard to understand what you have to say. I honestly want to hear your thoughts on this show. And I can’t with the way you’re delivering your thoughts

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