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My So Called Life Ep 5 – The Zit October 15, 2010

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It seems like everyone is moving on with their lives Angela’s ex best friend Sharron is dating a popular guy and looking more like a woman I can see Angela is jealous about it and having self confident issues of her own being she has developed a zit and is bummed about it, who wouldn’t be everyone wants flawless skin to flaunt around.  But it is even worse when a list is spread all over the school about all top hot girls and Sharron was on the list for best breasts which I don’t think that’s a bad list to be on but I guess you don’t want the whole school to be just looking at your breasts so I can see why she did feel a certain way about it.  Being that Sharron doesn’t know who is there for her or just for her body image she breaks it off with her boyfriend I think the insecurities was just to much for her to handle.  He seems like a nice guy though I think she just jump the gun too early in breaking it off with him, which she did find out he was truly a nice guy and voiced why he liked her not just for how she looked it was sweet.

 Angela’s mom is having her own insecurities on her image she is forcing Angela to be in a fashion fundraiser which last year her ex best friend Sharron was in it too but being they are not friends now and Angela is doing her own thing with her new friends I can see that is not her main interests no more.  Little sister Danielle is the one the mother needs to focus more on being in the fashion show with her, you can tell she is trying to find her footing in her family and with her mother.  Angela finally tells her mom she doesn’t want to be in the fashion show of course the mother was disappointed but it turned out for the best when Danielle was able to be in it with her.  At the fashion show Angela looked like she kind of missed her old life and wanted a piece back but felt like she was too far gone to get it back.  You don’t have to completely lose who you are when you have new friends.  

 This episode could have been a little better but I did get what they were trying to say about loving who you are and being the best of you.


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