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My So Called Life Ep 4– Father Figure October 15, 2010

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Angela’s Dad is feeling the lack of respect that she is showing towards him she is treating him more like how she treats her mom by not really talking and avoiding being in the same area as he is and it is getting to him, being he use to be the favorite parent.  I can tell he was really feeling the pain when her grumpy grandfather came to visit the family do to an tax audit on the family business and Angela ran to him like she use to do with her father.  It is hard to gain trust back once you tainted it somewhat.  Angela’s father wanted to reconnect so bad that he gave her and RayAnne tickets to the Grateful Dead concert which was really crazy knowing how strict and guarded her mother is and it was on a school night too, but that did not really matter being Angela scalped them anyway just to have a reason to talk to Jordan, you would think after he told her he means nothing to her she wouldn’t even try to speak to him anymore but to sell him tickets as an excuse to pay him back for the fake wrong ID is just ridicules!  Knowing that was RayAnne’s favorite band and you doing it anyways is just a real dumb move.  Thank goodness RayAnne still went to the concert anyways.

The father and daughter strained relationship does not only seems to be with Angela and her father but with her mother’s father too, the grumpy grandfather seemed to not pay any regards to her mother opinions and wanted to have a boy so bad instead to run the family business.  But she does voice her opinions on how she felt she treated him and how well she did run the business and it was him that made mistakes in the company and she knew how to fix it and make the business better and more up to date with the competition, he still seemed to of heard what she was saying but did not want to recognize it and just blow it off by offering to take her for pie, she should not have went but I think she did, being that it was a no winning battle. 

Angela thinks she has the worst father ever but her friends seem to have real situations to deal with in regards to father’s that is not even comparable to her situation, but she does reconnect with her father through music which is their common ground.  This was a more personal episode to watch just when you think your situation is bad you see it could be worse.


One Response to “My So Called Life Ep 4– Father Figure”

  1. melzwriter Says:

    You have some real good analysis but the problem is IT’S ALL IN RUN ON! I can’t give you a good grade unless I can really understand your thoughts. Please work on this for the future. And remember to rate. Thanks 🙂

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