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My So Called Life Ep 3– Guns and Gossip October 15, 2010

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I can’t believe even if Brian doesn’t really know Ricky that well he will let him get harassed by students without saying anything and just looking the other way and continuing on his bathroom journey!  But maybe that was a good choice being as soon as entered he heard a gunshot go off!  And saw two people scattering away one which was Ricky, which maybe he was tired of getting bullied around because of his lifestyle and brought in a gun to protect him self and warn people to stay away from him. 

As in any high school rumors get twisted and spread like wild fire!  Angela’s little incident of her being in the car with Jordan at Brian’s house the other night turned into her having sex with him in the car in front of Brian’s house!  Even Angela’s mom finds out and assumes the rumors are true because she heard it from RayAnne’s mom, which is kind of sad that she really doesn’t know her daughter like that and tries to over ride Angela when she was trying to tell her she hasn’t even had one date or even a real conversation with the guy, but Angela does get through to her finally by force and does hear what she was saying that she was not even close to having sex with Jordan.  With all the rumors spreading through school Jordan does finally come up to Angela to talk about the situation, I thought he was going to be a good person and tell her not to worry but no he decides to tell her lets just make the rumors true and have sex that is just crazy, but he is a high school boy!  The worst part was when he told her she means nothing to him so don’t even worry.  But Angela does find out who started the rumor in the first place sweet Brian who was heartbroken from her using him the night they were suppose to do their extra credit together.

It seems like RayAnne is Ricky’s only defense when it comes to being harassed no one else seems to be helping him out even Angela sees him getting hassled and does nothing to help him out.  But Angela does get a chance to speak with Ricky and finds out the real story of the gun situation of him not having nothing to do with it, which even with that knowledge and knowing he can get in big trouble he wants to rumors to stay which makes sense so that the people who harasses him can back down and think that he might do something the next time they come to him.  The principal you can tell is trying to force the issue of who had brought the gun to school and has an idea that it was Ricky, he is really putting the pressure on Brian to tell him everything and to tell him that Ricky is the one that had the gun but Brian is not a dumb guy he was tired of being forced to say something and was forced to bring up lawyers if it continues and of course the Principal shut down.  But he does have a nice surprise when the students come back to school medal detectors!

This episode is I really enjoyed and can not wait to see what happens next week.


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