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My So Called Life Ep 2 – Dancing in the Dark October 15, 2010

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Angela crush on Jordan seems to be getting even more powerful, and she is doing the goofy teenage girly talk when his around its funny, but her new friends seem to be causing her to let her guards down even further and become more free spirited but in a wild child sort of way, her old best friend Sharron could be her down fall being she has been pushed aside with no valid reasons at least in Sharron eyes the jealously seems to be building up in her especially in science class when Angela sneaks out to be with her new friends and disregards everything else this may cause problems for Angela down the line they went from best friends to soon to be enemies.  RayAnne of course is up a master plan to get Angela and Jordan together with a fake ID but I really do not understand why she is so determined to make this happen what’s in it for her?  Maybe its just fun for her to get people together who really knows at this point?  I felt so bad how Angela let RayAnne talk her into using sweet Brian’s house just to have a location for Jordan to go to so Angela can finally meet and talk with him and have that connection she really wanted, you know Brian has a major crush on her you can just see it in his eyes.  That’s why it was good for her to not really get what she wanted when she did finally get a chance to be with Jordan.  He was so not interested in getting to know her he just to make out!  And of course get his money for the wrongly dated ID which was pretty funny.  When reality meets fantasy sometimes it is just best to stick with fantasy. 

It seems like Angela’s parents have a deeper issue they need to resolve.  I came to find out that the young next door neighbor in the first episode is in fact who the Dad is going to have an affair with and you can tell her mother knew she was losing the connection with her husband and wanted to find a way to regain it back, with a change in her looks and lifestyle.  The ballroom dancing did seem like a good idea but when he didn’t even try to say anything nice about her new haircut which I thought look so much nicer on her I personally would of turned around and walked out, that was just plain rude and you knew she did it only for him and he had nothing to say but “I can see your ears better!”  Are you serious!  OK fine they are married and trying to work it out so when they did get home they had a chance to hear their differences and rekindle the love, but the plans he had to meet the other woman he was on the phone cancelling and kind of arguing with her when Angela walked in and heard what he was doing, but I don’t know if she knew exactly what was going on or if just caught the tail end of the conversation, but she is daddy’s little girl and I don’t think she would tell her mother and plus she doesn’t want to hurt her mother’s feelings.  Being caught on the phone her Dad just truly played it off like the conversation with nothing unusual and simply said your not going to be able to wake up in the morning while he headed back upstairs and left her standing there. 

This episode was more detailed and is building a good story line everyone seems to having their own individual problems to deal with, but they all reconnect to the family.



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